Fine Art Photography by Roger Maynard

The constant search for new subjects to photograph has made me recognize the importance of simple elements that are found beneath the surface of everyday scenes and which often exhibit striking characteristics. The challenge lies in identifying these hidden jewels. From black and white photographs and one-of-a-kind montages to the fine art photographs shown here, I have tried to capture moments in time so we can hold on to them for eternity. My prints are from film or digital images captured with extremely high-resolution cameras, then printed on canvas or fine art papers with archival quality inks that will last up to 150 years. Subjects of these prints have been found in my own backyard in Andover, Connecticut; the Adirondacks; Bermuda; British Columbia; and anywhere where my mind�s eye takes me. Through my photographs if I am able to share even a tiny bit of the beauty that I have been fortunate enough to experience it will have been a worthwhile effort. It brings me a great deal of joy to take you there with me.

Roger Maynard

A Closer Look
Roger Maynard

406 Lake Road
Andover, CT 06232